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Fidel Díez

Fidel Díez Díaz

Head of Enabling Technologies

Phone: 984291212

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The number of companies in these technologies has grown by 86.6% in the last two years and an exponential growth is expected for the next decade that will cause new professionals to be hired in the sector.

(Source: Report about XR (extended reality) companies presented by The App Date, Fundación Telefónica and OARSIS)

Virtual Reality (VR) enables the creation of a virtual environment (based on real or non-real environments) that allows immersing the user in a computer-generated environment. Augmented Reality (AR) let us overlay virtual elements on a real environment. The integration of both is what is known as Mixed Reality.
CTIC applies VR, AR and MR technologies in different sectors: manufacturing, engineering, construction, cultural heritage, as well as in the training of technicians who carry out maintenance tasks and process quality supervision.