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Fidel Díez

Fidel Díez Díaz

Head of Enabling Technologies

Phone: 984291212

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Experts say that the trend for the next decade will be that much of the information available on the Internet will reside in systems based on blockchain technologies.
Currently 90% of North American and European banks are exploring the benefits and possibilities of blockchain, and 7 out of 10 are expected to incorporate this technology in the next three years.
Blockchain is a promising technology whose distributed and secure nature is bound to revolutionize the Internet principles. Blockchain acts as a large global ledger where the security and privacy of your recorded transactions are strongly protected. This type of "machine-driven trust generator" will appear in multi sectorial industries.
CTIC helps companies and administrations to conceptualise blockchain solutions, to implement blockchain infrastructure, to develop smart contracts and distributed apps and to boost community building.
We provide knowledge, experience and a highly qualified team.