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The Cloud Continuum vertically and horizontally integrates different cloud and edge computing services and infrastructures.

For CTIC, focusing on this technology involves:
  • Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud strategies: Manage solutions that combine services from multiple cloud providers
  • Metadata Platforms and Data Governance: Improve the management and observability of data assets
  • Software Sustainability: Prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability in cloud systems



Arquitecturas distribuidas


Distributed architectures are essential for the efficient delivery of content and the improvement of information security and resilience.
CTIC will focus on the following lines of work:

- Optimising Distributed Cloud Computing (CDN)

- Information Security and Resilience, through artificial intelligence

- Blockchain applications in decentralised identity, traceability and sustainability

- Data Spaces and their Governance, building on the specifications of initiatives such as Gaia-X and IDS.



Compared to conventional computers, quantum computers use the cubit instead of the bit as the minimum unit of information. The classical computer works in binary code (1 or 0) and in quantum computing it can be 1, 0 or 1 and 0 at the same time, opening up a wide range of possibilities in terms of computing capacities and allowing mathematical problems to be solved that were hitherto unapproachable.

CTIC works on optimising architectures that simulate the operation of quantum computers, allowing both quantum algorithms and hybrid classical algorithms to be run.


Arquitecturas Computación Cuántica