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At CTIC, predictive and simulation AI focuses on advanced models to predict and simulate future events, integrating machine learning and deep learning techniques and encompassing the following lines of work:
  • Model explainability: transparent and understandable AI models, especially in sensitive contexts such as health.
  • Machine learning algorithms to analyse historical data and forecast future events, as well as simulate them
  • Quantum Machine Learning: Exploring how quantum computing can power machine learning


ia predictiva


ia generativa




CTIC will develop advanced and customised Generative Artificial Intelligence solutions, in diverse applications and always keeping a focus on the reliability and ethics of AI.

The main lines of work are:

- Generative AI of texts: Implementation of open source foundational models

- Image generative AI: creation of both visual content and immersive environments.

- Development of intelligent assistants for specific contexts and digital humans





At CTIC, language technologies are implemented from a dual perspective: from a technology development point of view, we create advanced language models, including purpose-specific foundational models.

Special attention is paid to the adaptability to specific languages as well as to the energy efficiency of the systems (Green NLP).


Tecnologías del lenguaje