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a 100 year history

Ramón Álvarez de Arriba, an emigrant from Peón in Cuba, left a legacy upon his death in 1920 for the creation of an Agricultural School in Peón. It was a revolutionary project and ahead of its time.

In 2019 the Ramón Álvarez de Arriba Foundation folded and donated the Poreñu farm to CTIC with the aim of creating a rural technological innovation center.

Foto de Peón

In order to reconstruct the life of this illustrious Indian, CTIC decides to carry out an investigation to reconstruct his life. The fruit of the work is the edition of the book: "An Indian Legacy for the 21st Century" in digital format is available at the link




Contribute to providing solutions to the problems of rural areas through technological innovation:

Improve the capabilities of rural companies and territories.

Improve the quality of life of rural communities.


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Recognize and rehabilitate pre-industrial rural knowledge and technologies. The villages practiced circular economy, environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, renewable resources and soil conservation. They shaped the landscape we know today.



Technology is the new backbone of the villages of the 21st century: CONNECTED VILLAGES. Technology will be increasingly present in agricultural and livestock activities, in the relationship between people, in the provision of services, in the relationship with nearby urban centers and with the world.

Technological innovation will be decisive in the four main pillars of rural development:

Agriculture and primary processing industry.

Attraction of new settlers (neo-rural).

Niche tourism based on environmental resources

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  • A new CTIC headquarters specialized in rural areas.
  • It is a research and technological innovation center.
  • A center of thought and action for new ruralities.
  • It is the fusion between tradition, innovation and technology.
  • It is a test and experimentation bed for new disruptive technologies.
  • A model and reference to follow.
  • It is the “brain” to make the Peón Valley a “Sandbox” for technological experimentation.

Foto oficinas de Peón



Its activity is structured into five lines of work:

  1. Innovation and digital transformation for rural companies
  2. Technological innovation for people's quality of life.
  3. Support for local development entities and groups.
  4. Rural technologies demonstrator center.
  5. Meeting place for agents and model villages.

Esquema de las tecnologías empleadas por CTIC

CTIC technologies

CTIC makes available to the new center all its technological knowledge associated with technologies included in the data value chain, the basis of Artificial Intelligence.



CTIC RuralTech will promote the Peón Valley as an extended center to test, experiment and pilot technological and socially innovative projects, and do them quickly and agilely so that it is possible to correct and rectify quickly. It is about contributing, through technological innovation, to the new village models of the 21st century, connected villages.

The first experience that is launched is the Comprehensive Remote Care in Rural Environment (Telemedicine)

Policy alignment

CTIC RuralTech is aligned with European, national and regional policies aimed at the revitalization of rural areas. The projection of CTIC RuralTech will be not only regional but also national, being the first center in Spain for technological innovation specialized in rural areas.

Foto oficinas de Peón

Logo CTIC Ruraltech




A continuación se muestra un mapa de Google Maps con la ubicación


Bárcena 51, 33314 Peón, Villaviciosa, Asturias
Teléfono : +34 984 29 12 12 Fax : +34 984 39 06 12 Email :


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