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The volume of information handled by companies has been increasing over the years, and managing it has been a challenge, in addition to the need to find solutions to gain competitive advantages from the collection, analysis and transformation of data into strategic decisions.

The advantages of data science are: accessibility, clarity, speed and personalisation of results.
CTIC analyses complex data sets and presents information that helps businesses make decisions based on objective, real-time information.

Ciencia de Datos


Sistemas de información geográfica




Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are crucial in the development of smart territories and include:

- 3D GIS: interactive three-dimensional maps supported by AR and digital twins of the territory

- GIS and Data Spaces (Geo Hub): Efficient management of large volumes of real-time geospatial data

- Raster Image Analysis: raster data for large terrain analysis

- GIS Cloud: collaboration on GIS applications via the cloud

- GIS & Agriculture 4.0




Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies have opened the field to a new concept of interaction between people and machines: Immersive Reality.

At CTIC we develop innovative Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions, in accordance with the latest trends in Immersive Web and Extended Reality, adapted to the needs of the client and in applications as diverse as engineering, tourism, marketing or training.


Realidad inmersiva