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What is CTIC?

The CTIC Foundation (Centro Tecnológico de la Información y de la Comunicación) is a private, non-profit, social and cooperative institution for technological development.

  • Its vision is to be a reference in research, innovation and the provision of services in the field of ICTs, at regional, national and international level.
  • It aspires to this recognition by the business sector and the rest of the agents of the innovation system: Administrations, business associations and the scientific-technical community.
  • Since 2003, CTIC is hosting the W3C Hispanic Chapter, whose main mission is to promote the adoption of the W3C recommendations among developers, application creators and the Web community in general, while encouraging the inclusion of organisations that are committed to the creation of future recommendations by joining the W3C.

Do you want to know what projects we are working on? Discover the playlists of the different projects we are working on at CTIC, where you will find training resources, podcasts and much more!

  • Aldea 0
  • Blockchain
  • Red Cervera Cel.ia
  • ctic ruraltech
  • Dialogos en Peon
  • DICA
  • Enerisla
  • Gaia-X
  • Oficina Acelera Pyme
  • Oficina Acelera Pyme Rural
  • Premios Industria 4.0
  • Massteam