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LoRaWAN, a long-range, low-bandwidth, low-cost wireless communication technology, has established itself as an industry essential, especially in IoT deployments.

Its growing adoption, highlighted by various technology consultancies, suggests a promising future and further integration into diverse applications.

CTIC's lines of work in this technology are as follows: innovation in applications through innovative use cases in areas such as industry, storage and infrastructure management and optimisation of self-managed networks, improving their efficiency and low cost and facilitating their implementation and maintenance.



redes de comunicación



5G/6G M2M





5G and 6G technologies introduce major advances in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, offering high speed and low latency.
Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications refers to the automated exchange of information between devices, without the need for human intervention. This means that two or more machines can communicate and send data to each other autonomously.

For CTIC, it is key to integrate this type of technology in IoT projects, especially in private enterprise networks and rural areas. Furthermore, for the future, preparing for 6G is crucial, anticipating future applications in extended reality, holographic communications and Artificial Intelligence.



Satellite communications, especially with low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, are key to improving global connectivity, particularly in rural and remote areas. These satellites offer advantages such as lower latency and reduced launch costs.

For CTIC, it is essential to develop robust network infrastructures that support stable connections to LEO satellites; to integrate these communications with terrestrial networks for complete coverage; and to create innovative applications in sectors such as education, health and emergency management.