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The Internet of Things is one of the key technologies supporting digital transformation processes.
IoT makes it possible to obtain data from all kinds of devices and equipment and exchange it easily using the internet as a communication channel, in a fully interoperable way.
At CTIC Technology Centre we design data acquisition systems based on IoT and develop drivers and controllers for sending data to platforms for storage and exploitation.

Internet de las cosas





Edge AI refers to the application of new technologies from the field of Artificial Intelligence to perform data analysis and processing directly on the device that collects the data, rather than processing it in the cloud or in a remote data centre.
The application of this new processing model enables faster execution times by reducing the amount of information sent over the network, eliminating the need for a high-bandwidth connection to the internet and ensuring the privacy of the data processed by doing so directly on the device. Edge AI is critical in applications where real-time responsiveness is critical, such as IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, intelligent surveillance systems and personal assistants.
CTIC's role in this technology lies in the research, adaptation and integration of innovative technologies and new computing paradigms in these devices and other embedded systems. Our work extends to the design of IoT-based data acquisition systems, the generation of software capable of executing these new models and intelligent analysis algorithms, and the application of communication technologies to the state-of-the-art backbone for the transmission and exploitation of the data generated.



Satellite data is information collected by satellites orbiting the Earth, which can be of different types, depending on their function and the type of technology they use.
Satellite data includes a variety of crucial information for multiple applications, from land use change monitoring to disaster management and food security. The Earth Observation market is experiencing strong growth, with considerable potential to improve decision making in critical areas such as agriculture, urban planning and emergency response.
In addition to images, satellites provide geolocated structured data as well as other types of services related to Earth observation, which allow CTIC to enrich the Artificial Intelligence models it develops.


datos satelitales