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Fidel Díez

Fidel Díez Díaz

Head of Enabling Technologies

Phone: 984291212

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Quantum computing is based on the use of qbits instead of bits, and is made up of computing, cyber security, cryptography, sensorics and algorithms. This technology opens the door to highly complex calculations whilst bringing the opportunity to find solutions to problems in different sectors.

Large companies already use this technology, demonstrating its usefulness in sectors such as banking and finance, the automotive industry, chemistry and pharmacology, among others. Quantum computing also has enormous potential to be applied to the resolution of great challenges, such as the fight against Climate Change, and it is predicted to have a revolutionary impact. It can also be applied in the search for lighter, stronger and more insulating materials that reduce emissions from buildings and means of transport or as an aid to reducing energy consumption in fertiliser production by making production systems more efficient.

In CTIC we have a line of specialization dedicated to quantum computing integrated by computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers. In addition, since 2019 we have the support of ISAAC (Advanced Infrastructure for Quantum Simulation), a powerful quantum simulation supercomputer that places our team at the forefront, making CTIC the Spanish technology centre with the greatest capacity for simulation in quantum computing and one of the most advanced in Europe.


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