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Governing Bodies

Mr. Roberto Paraja Tuero
Honorary Chairman of Telecable SAU

Titulación: Mining Engineer specialising in Energy Techniques.
Current position: Honorary Chairman
Previous positions: Chairman of Telecable, S.A.U.

Professionally linked to Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico, S.A. since the beginning of his professional career in 1972, when he joined the Gas Department. He designed and coordinated the Master Plan for the relaunch of the piped gas distribution business, which included the elimination of the city gas production plants and the transformation of the natural gas distribution networks, a process which culminated in the creation of Gas de Asturias, S.A., which he joined as Technical and Planning Director.

In 1992 he joined the company Aguas y Servicios de Asturias, S.A. as Managing Director, and in 1994 he began studies of opportunities for positioning in the telecommunications sector, as part of the diversification policy of Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico. These studies led to the incorporation of Sociedad Promotora de las Telecomunicaciones en Asturias, S.A., in December 1994, and TeleCable de Oviedo, S.A., TeleCable de Gijón, S.A., and TeleCable de Avilés, S.A., in March 1995.

Appointed General Manager of Sociedad Promotora de la Telecomunicaciones en Asturias from its foundation in 1994, he became its Chairman in May 1997.

After the merger in 2002 of the three TeleCable companies into Telecable de Asturias, S.A.U., he was appointed Sole Administrator of this company and became its Chairman in 2007.

He took part in the incorporation process of RETECAL, a company of which he was a director, as well as TELEVISIÓN CASTILLA Y LEÓN S.A.

In 2009, he stepped down as Chairman of Sociedad Promotora de las Telecomunicaciones en Asturias, S.A., and TeleCable de Asturias, S.A.U., and was appointed Honorary Chairman.

He continues to be linked to the TeleCable project, carrying out advisory tasks and representing the company in different forums and organisations.

Other positions
Since its foundation in 2003, he has been a member (member) of the Board of Directors of Clúster TIC Asturias.