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Human Resources

Pablo Priesca Balbín
First General Director of CTIC

Pablo Priesca, the first General Director of CTIC, a position he has held for 20 years, has more than 30 years of experience in the technology sector. He combines a solid background in psychology, leadership and HR with a deep experience in the development of the Internet and Information and Communication Technologies.

Since the 1990s, he has excelled in the design and leadership of pioneering European projects in the information society and territorial development, establishing himself as a benchmark in digital transformation.
From 1997 to 2002, he led the New Technologies Training Centre in Avilés, from where he promoted innovative projects in the information society. In 2002, he joined FICYT (Foundation for Innovation, Science and Technology) to launch CTIC and played a fundamental role in the creation of the Spanish W3C Office, which was integrated into CTIC and which, today, has become the W3C office for Spain and Spanish-speaking American countries.

In addition to his work as a strategist and advisor on innovation and technological development, he has contributed to the scientific and technological community as a member of prestigious committees and councils, including AENOR and the Asturian Council for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Priesca's participation in the drafting of strategic plans and his co-authorship of works and articles on digital economy and competitiveness underline his commitment to the advancement of knowledge and innovation.
As Director General of CTIC for two decades, he collaborated in the design of strategies that have defined the technological future of Asturias and promoted the creation of the ICT Cluster.

Pablo Priesca stands out not only for his professional achievements and his influence in the technological field, but also for his dedication to fostering an environment of innovation and technological education for future generations.