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As you may know from our previous articles, CTIC is part of the core of the Telos blockchain platform. Under the name The Teloscope we deployed and maintain an infrastructure of servers (nodes) for the validation and production of the blocks in Telos network. In addition, some members of CTIC's blockchain team are also part of the Telos Core Developer Team. The Telos project is only 4 months old, and the Telos Foundation, jointly with the organizations and companies that run the Telos block producers (BPs), are performing an intensive work of dissemination and promotion of Telos, beyond the cryptocurrency fans and tech-savvy people. Therefore, The Teloscope attended the event Blockchain Expo Global held on 25 and 26 April 2019 in London, not only to help with the Telos promotion but also to take the pulse of other blockchain platforms and solutions currently offered on the market.




A member of CTIC blockchain team flew to London and since arrival to the venue he was helping at the Telos Foundation stand, engaging with visitors and disseminating the many advantages of the Telos blockchain platform for businesses. Our stand was always full of people eager to know what Telos was and its advantages. In contrast, you could see the stand of the EEA consortium looking like a desert!

We must say that Telos was one of the few public blockchain platforms present at the event, since a majority of stands promoted permissioned or private platforms, or solutions for them. People perceived Telos as an alternative to Ethereum, and one with an enormous potential.




We engaged with many visitors, some of them representing real businesses that willed to implement blockchain-based solutions. We even got attention from someone very interested in deploying a very powerful decentralized application.

In the afternoon of the first day, Douglas Horn, architect and white paper author of Telos blockchain, gave and introductory talk about Telos that dazzled the audience. Like us, other Telos BPs gathered at the event, collaborating to attend many companies and developers eager to do projects in Telos. And their overall impression was very positive.

We also took the opportunity to exchange opinions with the rest of BPs on how to better coordinate ourselves so that we can attract good business projects.




In general, visitors were greatly surprised by the degree of collaboration and effective decentralization that we have achieved in Telos project.