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Last week, at our CTIC RuralTEch facilities, we conducted a working session with residents who are part of the local energy community driven by CTIC.

During this meeting, we addressed crucial topics such as energy consumption patterns, habits in different households, and the array of appliances and devices available for measurement and action.

The active participation of valley residents in these working sessions is essential to continue strengthening our local energy community and supporting a range of key European projects, among which the DR-Rise project stands out. This project aims to enhance energy demand management in households across Europe. One of the selected demonstration areas is Peón, where we will be implementing a pilot over the next three years. Residents participating in this pilot will experience a range of significant benefits, including improvements in energy efficiency, increased well-being, pollution reduction, and economic savings.

These initiatives not only foster the exchange of expectations and benefits among community members but also allow us to learn from the experiences of similar projects in various regions of Europe.

The day concluded with a networking coffee session that strengthened our ties with the Peón community and facilitated valuable knowledge and experience sharing.

comunidad energética CTIC Rural Tech