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CTIC has been one of the first entities at European level to formalise its commitment to ethics and responsibility in the development and use of AI by adhering to the AI Pact, a global initiative aimed at ensuring the implementation of the measures foreseen in the AI ACT, which will enter into force in one year's time.

The AI Pact sets out clear principles and guidelines for the development and implementation of AI, addressing fundamental concerns for people such as transparency, fairness, privacy and accountability.

By joining this initiative, we commit to incorporate these principles in all our AI-related activities. This voluntary adherence again reflects CTIC's continued commitment to the implementation and promotion of ethical practices in AI and its leadership in the technology ecosystem.

Why is the signing of the AI Pact important?

This initiative is relevant for a variety of reasons:

  • Ethics and Accountability: By adopting the principles of the AI Pact, we demonstrate our commitment to prioritise ethics and accountability at all stages of the AI lifecycle, from design to implementation.
  • Trust: Our customers rely on CTIC to provide AI solutions that are secure, fair and transparent. By adhering to the AI Pact, we not only strengthen this trust, but also demonstrate our commitment to the highest ethical standards.
  • Positive Social Impact: We recognise the transformative power of AI and are committed to using it to generate a positive impact that fosters social progress and benefits society as a whole.
  • Industry positioning: By joining the AI Pact, we consolidate our conviction and leadership in the ethical development of AI, ensuring positive influence in the industrial ecosystem, promoting responsible and sustainable innovation.

What does it bring to CTIC's professional ecosystem?

This action aims to inspire other companies and organisations in its ecosystem to follow the path towards accountability and transparency in AI by becoming part of a collaborative global network of organisations committed to ethics in AI that drive compliance with the AI Act.

This reinforces the activity carried out by CTIC, which in recent years has attracted 12 Asturian entities and companies in international R&D projects aligned with this vision in various sectors such as industry, health and wellness, data economy and territorial intelligence, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the business fabric.

It also places CTIC in a privileged position to continue to provide technical support and expert, customised advice on how to design, develop and implement AI solutions that meet the ethical and legal standards set out in the AI Act.

An approach that reinforces the work of supporting the advancement of digital transformation and progressive technological innovation carried out with more than 25,000 companies over the past two decades.

Finally, it allows it to continue to be a leader in providing resources, opportunities and identifying emerging trends to help companies better understand how to implement ethical practices in their AI business projects.

This is possible thanks to the role played by CTIC in multiple international projects, its participation in various international forums and platforms and its capacity to transfer and disseminate the knowledge acquired in various actions and initiatives aimed at companies.

Why trust CTIC?

The accession of our Technology Centre to the AI Pact is another step in the journey we have been on for 20 years towards building an ethical and responsible AI future.

CTIC has demonstrated its strong commitment to working in partnership with local companies and organisations to continue to drive innovation in a way that benefits society as a whole, while keeping our ethical values at the heart of our activity.