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AsDIH - Asturias Digital Innovation Hub

The Asturias Digital Innovation Hub - AsDIH is the coordinating element of the infrastructures, resources and services available in Asturias to accelerate the digitalisation process of Asturian industry, also acting as a space where companies can experiment with technology before investing in it and participate in complementary demonstration activities and alternative services that contribute to the success of their digitalisation process.

The AsDIH is aimed at SMEs from any productive sector.

Within its framework, CTIC offers the following services: Initial advice for the implementation of technologies, offering SMEs expert knowledge on digital transformation.

Testing and experimentation, which allow the SME to check the technical feasibility of an idea, by means of evidence of its functionality and potential. It includes: Analysis of the technical, commercial or social feasibility of the results that are the subject of the proof of concept. Prototyping, pilot scale demonstration, end-user testing, or other activities that allow the validation of the result, process or product and its transition to full scale. In fields such as data analytics, sensor technology, blockchain and machine vision.

The cost of the services is in the range of €5,000 to €20,000, VAT not included, being funded by the European Union (50%) and by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (50%) and subject to the award of the grant.

If you are interested in our services, get in touch to specify them, and we will help you manage the associated aid.

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