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Residential Innovation for a Sustainable Energy System. Active participation of end consumers in electricity demand management.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the benefits of residential demand response (DR), not only for end consumers but also for the overall energy system and the involved stakeholders. Through the provision of services and tools, it aims to increase energy efficiency through optimal management and showcase the benefits of DR beyond economic impact.

The project aims to showcase how active consumer participation in demand management can contribute to the sustainability of the energy system by promoting responsible energy use, effective integration of renewable sources, and load reduction during peak demand. By highlighting the benefits for both consumers and the system, it hopes to promote the adoption and implementation of DR measures at the residential level.

The fundamental pillars of the DR-RISE project are as follows:

  1. Solid technical solutions: The project will rely on the creation of cutting-edge architecture using smart nodes that will contain all the necessary tools and services to deliver demand response. AI-based algorithms will be developed to forecast variables such as consumption, generation, electricity prices, electric vehicle availability, and user participation. Additionally, IoT-based devices and interoperability gateways will be utilized.
  2. Privacy and security-centric design principles: Strong privacy and security principles will be considered from the project's inception. A comprehensive roadmap will be established and state-of-the-art approaches will be implemented to ensure compliance with these principles. Data governance and interoperability modules will also be incorporated to complement the initiative.
  3. Driving DR adoption: Citizens will be placed at the center of the solution and empowered to make informed decisions. A people-centered methodology will be followed, including a detailed co-design and co-creation process at all project stages. Special attention will be given to elderly and vulnerable groups to ensure effective explanation and application of the solution to end-users.
  4. Demonstration activities in diverse environments: The project will carry out demonstration activities in three European Union countries, in different settings such as existing energy communities, smart villages, urban housing blocks, and low-income households. These activities will enable the practical implementation and showcasing of the solution in various contexts, validating its effectiveness and applicability in different scenarios.

Through these pillars, the DR-RISE project aims to demonstrate the benefits of residential demand response (DR) for both end consumers and the overall energy system, driving its adoption and promoting more efficient and sustainable energy management.

CTIC will implement one of the three pilots within the project through a rural energy community located in Peón, as part of the 'living-lab'. The community will consist of 5 residential houses, a primary school, and an office building. Additionally, CTIC will contribute its knowledge in different areas to the coordinators of the respective work packages upon request.