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GUARDIANS: Smart solutions to empower small- and medium-sized farms as guardians of the territory

The general objective of GUARDIANS is the empowerment of small- and medium-sized farms through smart solutions. A multi-actor co-creation methodological framework supported by a farmer engagement and acceptance package will leverage the acceptance and uptake rates of innovative digital technologies by farmers. A set of nine digital innovative solutions will be tested in four testbeds and piloted in 22 small- and medium-sized farms, reaching a total of 95 farmers through the rollout and replication phase.

GUARDIANS proposes to design a multi-actor co-creation methodological framework and develop a set of digital innovative solutions, including software (SW) and hardware (HW) technologies, that can be classified in three categories focusing on:

  • Solving issues related to administrative and financing reporting for the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).
  • Smart farming for labour support (SMART)
  • Environmental valorisation (ENV).

Specifically, the following technologies will be developed and fine-tuned for small- and medium-sized farms:

  • Solving issues related to administrative and financing reporting for the CAP
  • Tech. #1. CAP-support tool for crop management [CAP/SW]
  • Tech. #2. Environmental progress, profitability & provenance tool [CAP/SW]
  • Tech. #3. Drones for grassland care [SMART/HW]
  • Tech. #4. AI-based crop monitoring & management platform [SMART/HW&SW]
  • Tech. #5. Beehive protection and monitoring system [SMART/HW&SW]
  • Tech. #6. Drones for field protection & wildlife management [SMART/HW]
  • Tech. #7. GHG monitoring platform for stables [SMART/HW&SW]
  • Tech. #8. Biodiversity assessment service [ENV/HW&SW]
  • Tech. #9. Blockchain-based environmental valorisation system [ENV/SW]

GUARDIANS will be piloted in six pilot cases in 11 farming cases identified as use cases covering different sectors and representing diverse environmental, climatic, and socio-economic conditions across Europe. The pilots will be located in Spain (Castilla y León; Asturias), Italy, Sweden, and Czechia.