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RE-SKIN - Renewable and Environmental-Sustainable Kit for building Integration

This project develops an integrated, multifunctional system capable of transforming an existing energy-intensive building into a modern, efficient and sustainable structure.

By applying ICT technologies (for energy control and management), renewable energy sources (photovoltaic-thermal hybrid technology), sustainable materials and components (bio-based and recyclable) and high efficiency systems (state-of-the-art heat pumps and fan coils), the system offers a holistic and systemic solution for energy retrofitting, as well as for the smart retrofitting of residential, commercial and public buildings.

The system will be installed and tested in pilot buildings in Italy, Bulgaria, France and Spain.

This project will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, HEART, which demonstrated an ability to reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to 90%.

CTIC's work in this project focuses mainly on the design and implementation of the intelligent building control system, or BEMS (Building Energy Management System), which enables the control of information on the distribution of energy flow, electrical and thermal, coordinating the main devices, such as MIMO units, heat pumps and fan coils, monitoring their status and acting on their configuration.